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i still need more responses [Nov. 27th, 2005|04:50 pm]
College Democrats
i was wondering if you guys could help me out. i have a paper due on december 9th on ethnic stereotypes so if you could answer some questions for me. this is sort of a touchy subject so you don't have to leave your name. it's just a general consensus/stat survey. if you could get this to me by tuesday afternoon the 29th by 3 pm cst. thanks! please email me your answers at bringdreams at yahoo dot com. please paste the questions and then your answers below. i really would appreciate help. thanks!

1) where are you from (city, state or city, country) ?

2) how old are you?

3) are you: caucasian, black, spanish/latin/a/o, asian? if you are multi, say you are and what you are.

4) are you:
a) liberal
b) conservative
c) moderate
d) indifferent
e) other (please explain)

5) does racism exist in your town?

6) if you feel it does, have you seen any examples of it?

7) if it does exist, do you think the problem is bigger in smaller towns or big cities?

8) how would you propose to end racism? if you don't know, then that answer is fine too.

p.s.: this is a rough draft, so if you see a flaw with any question besides #3 (it's for stat purposes, i hope you're not offended) then let me know!